Our Team


Aleksander TsukanovFounder

Aleksander Tsukanov


Aleksandr has traveled throughout many countries helping various startups, entrepreneurs and philanthropists. His focus has always been to build a truelly distruptive, boostrapped, crowdsupported and crowdbacked startups. He believes that leaner you are in life(footprint, assets, ownership) the more ambitious and creative you can be as a innovator

GeraBrand & Design


Brand & Design

Currently leads design and branding around KOINBE. Creative person that loves to build the future through design. Currently lives in Kazakhstan and works with local sharing communities there. Enjoys working on innovative and thought provoking ideas.

RayVideo Editor


Video Editor

Works his magic on all things video. Guru when it comes to video work and all things digital. Worked on many video projects. Runs our video youtube channels and all things video. Have over 7 years of experience in post productions and video work. Worked with large names the video business but enjoys startups and their snappiness.

RobinCommunity Outreach


Community Outreach

Founder of kitchenshare.org in Portland Oregon, Kitchen share a sharing community formed around kitchen appliances. Believes that through sharing we can strengthen communities and decrease consumption. Aka “Anna”. Starts the video.

SvetlanaAccounting & Billing


Accounting & Billing

Crunches numbers like a squirrel crunches nuts. Loves being part of new existing new things. Very friendly and extroverted. Can be found often behind a camera lens.

ArthurCommunity Outsearch


Community Outsearch

Aka “Sam”. Helps with social media outreach in Salem Oregon. Uses his time to promote communities around sharing and collaboration. Star of the crowdfunding video. Can reach the stars but prefers being grounded.